Abbot Gregory of Athonite Dochariou Monastery reposes in the Lord

The abbot of Dochariou Monastery, one of the 20 ruling monasteries on holy Mt. Athos, Archimandrite Gregory (Zumis), reposed in the Lord late last night, October 22, 2018, at the age of 76.

The elder humbly endured the torments of a serious, incurable disease in the last years of his life. The burial will take place today, reports Russian Athos quoted by OrthoChristian.

The Athonite abbot was known as a staunch and fierce defender of holy Orthodoxy, never afraid to speak out on important issues, such as the atheistic government in Greece and the dangers of ecumenism.

Archimandrite Gregory was born on the island of Paros and was a close relative of the holy Athonite spiritual warrior Elder Joseph the Hesychast.

Elder Gregory spent 65 of his 76 years in monastic labors, his monastic path having begun under the guidance of the two famous ascetics of piety Elder Philotheos (Zervakos) and St. Amphilochios (Makris) of Patmos, the latter of which was glorified as a saint of Christ’s Church in August.

He was tonsured by St. Amphilochios on January 1, 1967, and labored in a skete under his guidance. After his elder’s repose in 1970, Fr. Gregory and several other monks had to leave their monastery in central Greece, moving to Karpenisi to the Monastery of the Prussian Icon of the Mother of God.

Some time later, he and several other brothers were invited to Dochariou Monastery on Mt. Athos. He was chosen as the abbot almost immediately after arriving on the Holy Mountain. The monastery, which had already begun to disintegrate, was revived under his leadership, and brethren were gathered.

Elder Gregory was strict but benevolent at the same time. Despite the serious problems with his health, he climbed more than half a mile almost daily to oversee the work being done to restore ancient destroyed churches. Having great authority, the elder wore old, shabby clothes and carried himself simply.

Being an archimandrite, he presented himself as a simple hieromonk. Speaking of himself, the elder would ask for prayers for the “robber Gregory.”

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