Radiophonic Colours in 1001 voices – a project dedicated to blind or visually impaired children in Romania

Radiophonic Colours in 1001 voices is a unique project dedicated to blind or visually impaired children in Romania, carried out by the Trinitas Radio Station of the Romanian Patriarchate.

The social and cultural project entitled Radiophonic Colours in 1001 voices will be launched Tuesday, 5 April 2016, in the Great Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum, in the presence of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania.

In partnership with the School for visually impaired children and the Special Technological High school Queen Elizabeth in Bucharest, Radio Trinitas started the program by selecting the students of the two special institutions mentioned above with the desire of involving them in a project that aims at offering a new and real perspective in the radio, educational and cultural areas.

A team of professionals in acting, music, journalism and psychology were the basis of this casting, after which 21 students went through an intensive training program.

The purpose of the workshops on acting, music, diction and intonation, stimulating games and gaining confidence, was that of helping the selected children, either blind or visually impaired, to become the interpreters of 124 characters of five well known Romanian fairy tales: Prâslea-the-Brave and the Golden Apples, Dawn Fairy, Prince Charming of tear, White Moor, and Greuceanu.

The five fairy tales were adapted to radio theatre by director Radu Dinulescu, and have become the work topics for the whole team involved in the project.

The soundtracks accompanying these fairy tales were composed and interpreted by Florin Iordan and Dani Pop, members of the Romanian old music band Trei Parale (Three Pennies). The work of editing the fairy tales took 8 months.

The outcome of this cultural, educational and social undertaking is represented by the five CDs made with professionalism in almost two years of intensive work.

The Director of Radio Trinitas, Ciprian Olinici, having the blessing and the support of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, has manifested total openness and commitment to provide the means needed to carry out this novel initiative in the best conditions.

The founder and coordinator of the project, Adriana Ene, is a journalist with more than 13 years of audio-visual experience and producer of a successful radio program for children, entitled The Joy of Tales, broadcasted on Radio Trinitas.

The project Radiophonic Colours in 1001 voices was partially financed by the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Bucharest, and received the logistic and managerial support of Radio Trinitas.

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