Paramedic Mihaela Enache: The fight for life never takes a break, but faith in God gives me strength

“The fight for life never takes a break, but faith in God gives me strength,” an emergency rescue service SMURD paramedic told AGERPRES.

Major lieutenant Mihaela Nicoleta Enache from Mihăileşti Intervention Guard within Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Giurgiu.

Mihaela Enache spoke about the mission she carries out at ISU Giurgiu, the challenges encountered, especially during the pandemic, the profession’s satisfaction, and, last but not least, about the connection with the Divinity.

“Although it is a demanding job, I do it with all my heart and with pleasure

She started working about 14 years ago. “I always wanted a job in which I could help people. Coincidentally, in 2007, vacant firefighter positions were announced. That’s when I took my first steps in the military domain.”

“At ISU Giurgiu I was hired as the main operative non-commissioned officer. It was quite easy for me to integrate because I am sociable and orderly. I started by participating in firefighting actions, where I had to face challenges and interventions with male colleagues.”

“Over time, I deepened my training and, in addition to the physical training I do every day to be first in interventions where a second’s time can make the difference between life and death, I also started training in the field of first aid, and I followed modules I and II for SMURD paramedic. I think that here I found my true calling and, although it is a demanding job, I do it with all my heart and with pleasure,” she continued.

The greatest fulfilment

Mihaela considers that her victories, in her professional activity, are everyone’s victories.
“But the greatest joy and fulfilment is when I see the gratitude, the smile and the peace that can be read on the faces of suffering people or their relatives after a successful intervention. What I feel and live in those moments is something unique. This feeling gives me strength and determines me to prepare better, to want more and to become better in what I do.”


As for God and His help, the paramedic considers that “Divinity is present in our lives and especially in the profession I practice.”

She recounted a miraculous moment in her career. It is about when she witnessed the birth of a child whose mother failed to get to the hospital in time.

In the service of the people

Due to the pandemic, last year was more complex and atypical in general compared to other years, but she never thought of giving up.

“I chose this path that I am following now, and I was aware, from the very beginning, what the job of paramedic involves, with all its risks, but also the unique moments that it implies. If I were put in the situation of choosing my profession again, I would also go to the medical field.”

“The fact that I am at the service of people and I can help them through the training and knowledge I acquired brings me spiritual fulfilment,” paramedic Mihaela Enache highlighted.

Photography courtesy of Agerpres

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