Father Dan Damaschin speaks about the hardest case he encountered: If she departs, do we promise them to be well?

“I pondered for a long time whether or not I should talk about Veronica. Why? Because it’s by far the hardest case lately. Because so much pain invaded my heart, seeing that for seven years of illness, in which about three children were born, no man was found to help her and deliver her, when possible, of such a misfortune,” renowned priest and philanthropist Dan Damaschin said.

The priest learned about Veronica on Facebook. He found her in Dagâța, Iași County. She is a woman with five children (the oldest is 13) who, according to the doctors, has only a few days to live due to cancer in the heel area, a 7-year-old disease.

Among the gifts given to the children, the priest also bought bananas.

“The moment I put down the box of bananas from my arms, Valentin, the youngest of the house (2 years old), without too many good manners, rushed and snatched a bouquet of exotic fruits. I thought, then, that he does it like any child, out of lust, or as paediatricians would say, out of potassium deficiency. It’s just that his next gesture, dressed in the few words he knew, was to give his mother food to get healthy.”

Photo: Dan Damaschin / Facebook

If she departs, do we promise them to be well?

Strongly moved, the priest, who is not at the first action of this kind in the poor villages of Iasi, aims to do everything he can for the children and the suffering woman. He has already laid the foundation of a new house next to their small old house so that “Veronica can gain some hope.”

“Dear ones, even if we read between the lines, we know that in Veronica’s case, good can only come from Above or rather, the pain will end when God allows.”

“Of course, it is not at all easy for me, even as a priest, not to think about this family’s future. But, if we say that God works through people, it is good for us all to take action.”

“Voice of Life” Medico-social centre

“Also yesterday, I decided that no mother would depend on ‘protocols’, ‘insurance’ and ‘too busy’ people and that we would no longer have children who would not be able to remember their mother’s smile. That is why, this summer, we will lay the foundations of the first Medico-social centre with absolutely all specialities,” the priest announced.

There, the priest wants “whether or not the mother has money or insurance, to benefit, she and the child, from all the necessary investigations and treatments.”

“I don’t care how much it will cost, honestly. I do not want to think about it. If we have to raise millions of euros to do CT scans and MRIs and all the investigations on earth, I will do them. I will kneel at all the doors to avoid such cases, that is, mothers with five children who die in a civilized Europe because they did not afford an investigation at the time or perhaps more attention because let’s say, she had no insurance.”

Foto credit: Dan Damaschin / Facebook

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