Banat Metropolitan invites poor mother of four children to eat lunch together

Following the Divine Liturgy celebrated Sunday at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Timisoara, His Eminence Metropolitan Ioan of Banat invited a poor mother of four children to eat lunch at his residence.

The Metropolitan was impressed by the woman’s story and offered to help her.

‘When I entered the church,’ Metr. Ioan said, ‘I met this sister, who did not cry out to me to help her, however her troubled called me. She has four children, and she stayed where she could, and now she wants to go back home,’ His Eminence said Feb. 10.

After hearing that the disadvantaged woman had not eaten a warm meal for two weeks, Metropolitan Ioan invited her over to eat lunch together at his residence commending her to the care of a nun.

The Metropolitan of Banat addressed all the mothers present in the Cathedral saying that anyone of them could have been ‘in her pain and sorrow,’ urging them to help the woman ‘get home and pass the threshold of winter.’

His Eminence noted that when we pass by someone in trouble we should ‘stop as Christ stopped and comforted the Canaanite woman.’

Metropolitan Ioan of Banat is renowned for his charitable actions.

Is has become a tradition for the Metropolitan of Banat to celebrate his name day with homeless people, and he has built several houses for financially disadvantaged families.

Photo: Trinitas TV

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