Banat Metropolitan celebrates his name day with homeless people

His Eminence Metropolitan Ioan of Banat honoured his spiritual protector, Saint John the Forerunner, by joining several homeless people at one of Timișoara’s housing charity shelter on Monday.

‘There is nothing exceptional. This is normality for me and we should do such actions as often as possible, because, you see, these people are abandoned, they are homeless people,’ Metropolitan Ioan said, Press Alert reports.

The 35 needy people housed in the charity shelter were offered food and over 250 clothing items.

The Metropolitan was accompanied by a nun who is also a physician to provide the needed assistance to those with health issues.

Metropolitan Ioan of Banat celebrated the feast of Saint John the Forerunner at a charity shelter for homeless people. Photo:

His Eminence expressed his hope that the 35 homeless people would be offered a better accommodation in the future.

He said that one should not pass by the suffering Romania with eyes closed.

‘I look and see a free mattress and I think that maybe that would have been my place if I had no chance in life, to be able to attend school. So we cannot pass by the suffering Romania with our eyes closed,’ His Eminence noted.

‘I could not look at the sun’s rays if I did not look over these people. I could not preach, speak, if my words were not sustained by deeds.’

Metropolitan Ioan of Banat is famous for his charity work. On Christmas Eve, he offered a new house to a family with a delicate financial situation in Satchinez.

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