Young artist creates Archbishop Teodosie portrait with 720 Rubik’s cubes as a sign of gratitude

Young artist Cristian Leana, Romania’s Got Talent Finalist and social media influencer known as “Mr. Puzzle”, wanted to express his gratitude to Archbishop Teodosie of Tomis with what he does best: he made a portrait of the Romanian hierarch with 720 Rubik’s cubes.

“I will make the portrait of His Eminence Archbishop Teodosie as a sign of gratitude because his advice from the show Radio Dobrogea – a podcast that I listen to very often – helped me a lot in my personal life with certain things and made me make some decisions for which I am grateful,” artist Cristian Leana said.

Cristian published a video with the entire process and gathered thousands of views.

The most complicated part was the representation of the beard, which is very large and challenging to design with the squares of Rubik’s cubes, the artist explained.

Photo source: Facebook / @CristianLeanaOficial 

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