US Orthodox priest documents Bucharest Orthodoxy in a short film

Father Panayiotis Papageorgiou, a Cyprus-born American Christian Orthodox priest, visited the Capital city of Romania this summer. Together with his son, Efstratios Papageorgiou, he is making a documentary series about Eastern European Orthodoxy.

The short film series is entitled “Neither Here Nor in Jerusalem” and the episode dedicated to Bucharest is the sixth.

In Bucharest, they visited Radu Vodă and Antim monasteries, the Patriarchal Cathedral and “Bucur the Shepherd” Church, around which the city is said to have originated. They also went to Cernica Monastery, where they paid homage to Father Dumitru Stăniloae at his tomb.

Another important destination on their route was the Chapel of the National Cathedral, where they were deeply moved by the faithful asking for Father Panayiotis Papageorgiou’s blessing.

“Romanians are really a devout people, with great humility,” comments the narrator Efstratios Papageorgiou at this moment in the film.

At the National Cathedral Chapel: a man whose name is Panaitescu (“son of Panayotis” – right) was so happy to meet a priest with the same patron name. Photo: Trisagion Films

The short film presents the historic landmarks of the Romanian Orthodox Church: Holy Apostle Andrew’s spiritual patronage, receiving the autocephaly in 1885 and becoming a patriarchate in 1925.

Father Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Chairman of Trisagion Films, is a doctor in Theology and serves near Atlanta, in the American state of Georgia. His son, Efstratios Papageorgiou, specializes in photography and video image.

Father and son have a small non-profit in the United States, Trisagion Films, which produces video materials on topics of Orthodox faith.

Before reaching Bucharest, they filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria. From Romania, they departed to Serbia and Kosovo.

Photo credit: Lumina Newspaper archive (Bucharest’s “Bucur the Shepherd” Church)

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