Transylvania Metropolitan urges fasting, prayers for Christian family

His Eminence Metropolitan Laurentiu of Transylvania has urged the clergy within his jurisdiction to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and the Supplicatory Canon to the Theotokos daily on Oct. 1 – 7 ‘for the protection of Christian family and the future of our children’.

His Eminence urged believers to join the priests in offering prayers and fasting to preserve the values of Christian family in today’s Romania.

The Metropolitan of Transylvania has sent a pastoral letter regarding the referendum on marriage definition that will be held in Romania next week saying that the referendum does not belong to any political party, but rather to the Romanian people.

‘Through this referendum that we support, we do NOT discriminate anyone, we do NOT condemn, and we do NOT judge the options or deeds of others,’ the letter reads.

‘We positively defend through voting only the moral values of life and the soul of the Romanian people, for which our ancestors have paid huge spiritual and material sacrifices.’

Referring to question asked on the ballot, Metr. Laurentiu assured the believers that ‘the vote regards exclusively the definition of family, nothing else is hidden.’

‘We have reached the time in which we must reconfirm the normality and naturalness of family,’ the Metropolitan said.

Metropolitan Laurentiu notes that ‘we are now going through a period of spiritual struggle’ and that ‘the Christian family opponents are trying to deceive us by sowing much suspicion and mistrust’.

However, ‘we are happy that all other Christian confessions, people of culture and scientists, and above all the Romanian Academy are alongside us’.

His Eminence pointed to the Romanian Academy recalling that ‘about two months ago it has strongly rejected the so-called modernist educational hypotheses from foreign NGO research, asking the Ministry of Education to keep the principles of education focused on the Romanian national specificity, which are able to develop a child in the spirit of the traditional family, as a nucleus of the social, cultural, moral life of the Romanians and with millennial-long Christian implications.’

The Metropolitan of Transylvania ended his letter by saying that we should place our hope in God and the Mother of God.

Photo: Turnul Sfatului

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