St Vladimir’s Seminary Press profiles Patriarch Daniel in a new book: Rebuilding Orthodoxy in Romania

The tenth volume of St Vladimir’s Seminary Press “Orthodox Christian Profiles” Series is dedicated to His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, the second-most populous Orthodox Patriarchate in the world. The recently-published book is entitled Patriarch Daniel: Rebuilding Orthodoxy in Romania.

After Communism, the Romanian Orthodox Church had to overcome many difficulties to reestablish and strengthen Church life – “not only in outward building projects, but in fostering the inward spiritual growth of the faithful,” writes the publisher on the back cover.

“At the center of all these important tasks we find Patriarch Daniel.”

The book features Patriarch Daniel’s words of spiritual advice and messages about family, liberty, national unity and the message about the symbol of Romania’s recently-built National Cathedral.

The volume includes the only two interviews ever granted by the patriarch – to the Romanian public television, in 2007 and 2017 – and an extensive Biography.

“The goal of this book is to introduce this dynamic ‘father of a nation’ to the English-speaking world. The accomplishments of his ongoing patriarchal ministry are so extensive that this book can only give a small sample of his leadership,” writes the book’s editor, St. Vladimir’s Seminary President Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield.

“His counsel on the unity between theology and the spiritual life of the Church reflects his own interior life and many years of experience as a priest and scholar. He knows the danger of separating the study of theology from ascetical life,” adds the editor.

“As with any high-profile national figure, this patriarch does instill a sense of national pride. However, he does so by underscoring the foundations that Orthodoxy has provided for every aspect of Romanian culture and life”, writes the President of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary.

“The consecration of St Andrew Cathedral in 2018 by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew is an external sign of the tenacity and determination of Patriarch Daniel to restore a national centre for Orthodox worship that also serves as an example of the ministries of the Church”, the editor affirms in his Introduction to the volume.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or ordered on the publisher’s website.

St Vladimir’s Seminary Press is the publishing house of St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in the state of New York. The Orthodox Christian Profiles Series acquaints the readers with Orthodox figures that have shaped the direction of the Orthodox Church.

Photo credit: / Mircea Florescu (the front cover of the book features a photo by Raluca Ene, from the team)

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