Society of Orthodox Women established in Bălți Diocese

The Society of Orthodox Women was established on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at the Nativity of the Lord Church in Bălți, Moldova, aiming ‘to promote and to foster Christian virtues in family, school and public life and to contribute to the active involvement of the Orthodox Christian woman in the national community for a better life.’

The Society’s objectives include:

  • Strengthening Orthodox Christian faith in family and society.
  • Promoting arts, culture, science, and national traditions.
  • Contributing to the formation of noble characters of children and young people, with high moral qualities, in the spirit of Christian and national traditions.
  • Developing programs aimed at people of social risk, especially orphans or abandoned children, poor people, the lonely, the elderly, people with addictions.
  • Encouraging voluntary actions that have the same purpose to that of the Society.
  • Developing national and international partnerships with other organizations of the same nature in order to strengthen inter-Orthodox brotherly relations.
  • Publishing magazines and materials related to the Society etc.

Establishment meeting

The establishment meeting was chaired by His Grace Bishop Antonie of Balti after celebrating the Divine Liturgy, the Diocese’s website reports.

In his speech, Bishop Antonie stressed the role of woman in the life of the Church, especially in preserving faith. He also noted the contribution of the presbytera to the priest’s mission, while addressing thanks for their sacrifice, support and understanding.

Presbytera Lucia Cernei was elected president of the Society of Orthodox Women of the Bălți Diocese.

‘The Society of Orthodox Women of the Bălți Diocese,’ she said, ‘will try to help every woman to engage more actively in the life of the parish she is a part of.’

‘Even if we face great material poverty, we must strive to multiply spiritual wealth by helping the saddest of us.’

‘We can do many things to bring a smile on the sad faces of many of our brothers and sisters,’ Lucia Cernei added.

The Myrrh-bearing Women were chosen as Patron Saints of the Society.

Photography courtesy of the Bălți Diocese

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