Romania’s new Orthodox Cathedral latest in photos

Daniel Codrescu, the coordinator of the team of artists working at the new Orthodox Cathedral in Bucharest, has released several images of the mosaic icons that will adorn the Cathedral’s altar space.

The icons are made in the workshop and then applied to the walls of the cathedral. Photo: Daniel Codrescu

“The decorations from the window frames were installed. In parallel, we also work in the workshop to make the mosaics in detail. We succeeded in completing the two large-scale scenes, the Ark of the Covenant and the Communion of the Apostles,” Daniel Codrescu told

Artist working on an icon. Photo: Daniel Codrescu

The entire iconography of the National Cathedral is made in the mosaic art technique. Handmade tesserae from Venice and Florence are used.

The Ark of the Covenant. Photo: Daniel Codrescu

Only for the Cathedral’s 408 square meter iconostasis, 8 tons of mosaic were used for adornment. The work is unique in the entire Orthodox world with its impressive dimensions: 23m wide and 18m high.

Photography courtesy of Daniel Codrescu

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