Romanian state allocates yearly 960,000 € support for Athonite Prodromou Skete

The plenary of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday the law establishing the yearly amount of financial support from the state budget allocated for the Prodromou Skete on Holy Mt. Athos: 960,000 Euros.

There were 258 votes in favour, 31 against, 19 abstentions, and 1 unexpressed vote.

„Given the history of this place and its importance for the Romanian people, it is necessary for the Romanian state to provide permanent financial support for the restoration, conservation, and maintenance of the building complex and theological, cultural, historical, and artistic works that make up the Prodromou Skete, and also for the development of the spiritual-cultural and social relationship of the pilgrims with it,” wrote the law initiators.

The motivation of the law states that “the French state spends 4,000,000 Euros a year to maintain Notre Dame Cathedral, and, after the edifice burned in Aril 15, 2019, over 800,000,000 Euros were raised in donations for the restoration of the cathedral and the affected works of art.”

Between 2017 and 2019, the Romanian state allocated 250,000 Euros (about $300,000 today) to the skete. The amount was raised to 960,000 Euros last year, while the recent law regulates technicalities regarding the budget source.

The Chamber of Deputies was the decisional chamber for the present law, which then needs to be ratified by the President of Romania.

Prodromou Skete was founded in 1820, during the time of His Eminence Metropolitan Veniamin (Costachi) of Moldavia. Its foundation was recognized by the royal deeds signed by Grigorie Alexandru Ghica of Moldavia, on July 7, 1853, and by Carol I of Romania, on July 19, 1871.

The construction of the monastic ensemble took place between 1852 and 1866 under Hieroschemamonk Nifon Ionescu.

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