Romanian Patriarchate donates ultrasonic device to the Târgu Neamț Hospital

Last week, the Romanian Patriarchate donated an ultrasonic device for cardiac and abdominal examination to St Demetrius City Hospital in Târgu Neamț.

The medical device, worth 30,000 euros, was necessary for the hospital’s cardiology department, following the malfunctioning of the existing equipment, reports.

The physicians were presented on Aug. 31 with the new medical equipment, in the presence of Mayor Daniel Harpa, the hospital manager, Dr. Florin Aposoae, and the medical director, Dr. Caesar Lucachi.

This ultrasound can be used in cardiology. The software and the probes are specific to this application domain. The device configuration is good, while the image quality is very good, noted specialist Cristina Lepadatu.

Mayor Daniel Harpa appreciated the initiative of the Romanian Patriarchate and thanked His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and Archimandrite Ciprian Gradinaru, priest at the National Cathedral Chapel.

This is not the first donation the Romanian Patriarchate has made to the Targu Neamt Hospital. At the beginning of August, the same hospital was presented with a JM-105 Dräger Meter designed to measure bilirubin levels in newborns.

From 2015 until today, with the support of the volunteers from the Chapel of the National Cathedral, the Romanian Patriarchate has donated medical equipment worth over 190,000 Euros.

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