Romanian Patriarch pays tribute to Queen Mother Helen at Elisabeta Palace

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel paid tribute to Romania’s Queen Mother Helen at Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest on Friday, October 18, 2019.

His Beatitude offered a prayer for the rest of the soul of Queen Helen, the wife of King Carol II and mother of King Michael I, and wrote a message of sympathy in the condolences book.

Patriarch Daniel writing in the Condolences Book for Queen Mother Helen. © Lumina Newspaper/ Luigi Ivanciu

The Romanian Patriarch presented Her Majesty Crown Princess Margareta with an icon of the Holy Emperors Constantine and Helen, the spiritual protectors of Queen Helen.

Patriarch Daniel presents HM Crown Princess Margareta with an icon depicting Saint Constantine the Great and his mother Helen. © Lumina Newspaper / Luigi Ivanciu

The remains of Queen Mother Helen were brought from Switzerland to Romania on Friday, October 18, with a military plane belonging to the Romanian Air Forces.

The plane landed at the Otopeni Airport at 11:00, and Margareta, custodian of the Romanian Crown, Prince Radu, Princesses Sofia and Maria, representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Roman-Catholic Church, the Greek-Catholic Church, the Armenian Church, the Mosaic Cult and the Muslim Cult were present there.

After a religious service officiated by Metropolitan Nifon of Targoviste at the Otopeni Airport, the Queen’s coffin was taken to the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest.

From there, the remains were taken to the Curtea de Arges Monastery, where Queen Mother Helen was reburied alongside her son, King Michael.

The burial service was scheduled for October 19, 12:00.

Photography courtesy of Lumina Newspaper / Luigi Ivanciu

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