Romanian Diocese of Canada wants to establish an online religion school

The Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Canada announced that it will establish a virtual school for religious education that will promote Orthodox values in the diaspora.

The proposal was made during a meeting held on February 22-23, 2021. His Grace Bishop Ioan Casian met with the priests and coordinators of the Sunday School programs within the Diocese of Canada.

This year is the Solemn Year of the Pastoral Care of Romanians outside Romania in the Romanian Patriarchate. Right now, all of us are called to pay special attention to the religious education and the planting of the Orthodox Christian values ​​in the diaspora,” Bishop Ioan Casian said.

During the meeting, the participants suggested using online platforms to offer young people and children the opportunity to learn through play and image without neglecting to return to the Church’s school when the conditions allow.

The issue of harmonizing and clarifying the Sunday School curriculum in the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Canada was also addressed, starting from parishes that have a rich experience in the field of religious education and extending it to those at the beginning of the road.

This year, instead of the Olympic competition, as a viable alternative, the Diocese plans to organize an annual gala-contest or an annual group project to help participants acquire information about the Romanian language and Orthodox faith using information from the online environment but encouraging teamwork.

A series of meetings will continue in the coming weeks, and a working group will be set up to work on the theme of religious education and youth ministry.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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