Romanian capital buys 130 hybrid buses from Mercedes-Benz

Authorities in the Romanian capital Bucharest has announced on August 12 the purchase of 130 hybrid buses from Mercedes-Benz.

In addition to the 400 Euro 6 buses purchased last year, the hybrid buses purchased now with non-reimbursable financing will contribute to the improvement of public transport in the capital, to the renewal of the public transport means, but also to the reduction of pollution generated by urban traffic.

The first of the 130 new buses will be delivered in May 2020 and the delivery will be completed over an 8-month period, according to the municipality.

The winner of the auction is Mercedes – Benz, and the type of bus to be delivered is the Mercedes – Benz Citaro Hybrid, manufactured in Germany.

The bus received the „Bus of the year 2019” award, granted during the IAA 2018 event.

„We are still in the process of awarding contracts for another 300 new vehicles: 100 trams, 100 trolleybuses and 100 electric buses – which are currently in various stages of evaluation and for which part of the funding is insured from non-refundable funds,” said Gabriela Firea, the mayor of Bucharest.

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Photo courtesy of: Bucharest city hall/ Facebook

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