Roman & Bacau Archbishop donates his March 2020 salary to help combat coronavirus

Celebrating his 66th birthday on Sunday, the Archbishop of Roman and Bacau announced that he will donate his March 2020 salary to the hospitals in Bacau County to help alleviate the array of adverse effects stemming from the coronavirus epidemic.

Archbishop Ioachim urged the clergy to join forces with the Archdiocese to show solidarity as the region is experiencing severe conditions due to the coronavirus crisis.

In his sermon, Roman’s Archbishop said that “what is happening now is not a plague on the Church, but an epidemic that has invaded the Earth.”

“If people were banned from entering churches all over the planet, their angels were not stopped from filling churches. Today I felt here, in our Divine Liturgy, an alternation between the Earthly Liturgy and the Angelic Liturgy,” Archbishop Ioachim said March 29.

Photography courtesy of the Roman & Bacau Archdiocese

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