Press release regarding marriage referendum: An incomplete success calls for more hope and activity

Following the voiding of the referendum on marriage redefinition held on October 6-7, 2018, the Romanian Patriarchate urges spiritual unity and the continuing defense of the blessed family by God.

In the context of the referendum, the Romanian Orthodox Church fulfilled its civic and moral mission in the public space, where the Church affirmed and defended the identity and value of family as human institution created and blessed by God.

In this regard, we thank the approximately four million Romanian citizens who responded positively by their participating in the ballot.

The attitude assumed by Romanians to participate or not in casting their ballot must be respected and analysed, while democracy based on civic freedom must be cultivated more intensely through correct and permanent information on the publicly debated issue.

Although the recent referendum failed to be valid, it offered us the opportunity to get to know the secularization degree of Romanian society today, as well as the main positions in society regarding the affirmation and the defense of moral values based on the faith in God and the bimillenary history of the Romanian people.

Given this social context, the Romanian Orthodox Church has the duty to continue to support and promote the family blessed by God and the values of Christian faith.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate

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