Patriarch Daniel’s best messages on the family

Familia creştină

On May 15 we mark the International Day of Families. From pieces of advice for newly-weds to signalling the existing threats to family, we provide you with some of Patriarch Daniel’s best messages to families.

Profess the value of family life

June 1, 2014

‘In an increasingly secularised world, where family relations (between husband and wife, between parents and children) and family-society relations are distorted, the Church in general and every Christian must bear witness to the unique value of family life.’

Harmony of family life

February 14, 2013

‘The harmonious relation of parents and between children and their parents is the best foundation for the moral and spiritual development of children. The lack of harmony in parental relationships sometimes affects the entire life of children.’

Threats to family

September 13, 2015

‘The amalgam of stimuli, events, fake values that are often promoted as today’s trend can confuse families.’

The intimate space of love

June 1, 2016

‘Christian family represents the most precious intimate space to cultivate conjugal love, parental love, filial love and fraternal love.’

Family solidarity

October 10, 2010

‘The lack of spiritual communion and concrete solidarity in the family and society is today the sign of a human life in a spiritual decline, lacking humanity.’

Sanctification of the family

‘The spousal family is sanctified by its participation in the spiritual life of Christ’s Church.’


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