Patriarch Daniel announces a centre for protection and promotion of Snagov monastery’s cultural heritage

In two years, Snagov Monastery will have a centre for protecting and promoting its cultural heritage. The announcement was made by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel during a visit to the monastery at the end of September occasioned by the commemoration of Wallachia’s Ruler Saint Neagoe Basarab.

“It was found that there is a great need for a museum at Snagov Monastery to remind visitors of the stages of activities of this monastery.”

“Therefore, with the help of the National Investment Company, we are pleased to announce the start of works at the Centre for the Protection and Promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Snagov Monastery,” His Beatitude said Sept. 26.

The building will have two floors. “On the ground floor, the first space is dedicated to the museum,” the Patriarch explained. The building will also include a refectory for pilgrims and several cells for the monastery’s inhabitants.

“Upstairs, a winter chapel will be built to protect the historic church from condensation. Also, on the first floor, several spaces for restoration works, storing of old books, and exhibiting icons will be built.”

“We pray to God to help the construction team to make beautiful and lasting works and to meet here at the blessing of the new centre and of the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Princes Neagoe Basarab and Constantine Brâncoveanu and St. Anthimos the Iberian,” Patriarch Daniel said.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel prayed to the holy princes of Wallachia “to give us a new strong faith, a lot of prayer and a lot of love for the Church and the faithful people.”

Photography courtesy of Lumina Newspaper / Mircea Popa

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