Pariarch Daniel performs re-consecration of 200-year old church in Bucharest’s old town

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel on Sunday performed the re-consecration of a 200-year old church dedicated to saint Demetrios the myrrh-gusher in Bucharest’s old town.

Patriarch Daniel reading prayers during consecration ceremony. Photo: / Mircea Florescu

In his sermon, the Patriarch referred to the crippled woman in the Gospel reading from Luke noting that she received healing ‘in a place of prayer, where God’s word is heard,’ such as the newly re-consecrated church.

“We have consecrated a place for our correction, four our straightening up from sin through confession, repentance, by receiving Holy Communion, showing that the Saviour Jesus Christ is waiting to heal us,” said His Beatitude on December 8.

The patriarchal auxiliary bishop Varlaam of Ploiești celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St Demetrios Posta Church in Bucharest’s old town. Photo: / Mircea Florescu

The woman in the gospel, the patriarch said, ‘had a crooked body, but her soul was righteous because she offered prayers to the merciful God.’

In addition to a strong faith, long-lasting patience, deep humility, she also had the “gift of gratitude.”

“As soon as she was healed of her crookedness she glorified God,” said Patriarch Daniel.

His Beatitude stressed the importance of doing good on our own initiative saying that ‘The Saviour Jesus Christ does good not because he was asked to do so, but on His own initiative, so that He may teach us to help those in need, and especially the sick, even though they do not ask for our help directly.’

In this regard, the Patriarch of Romania urged everyone to do good even if we are not asked to do so: “Let us observe where help is needed as the Saviour Jesus Christ saw this crippled woman in the synagogue.”

Children holding bread and salt for the reception of Bishop Varlaam. Photo: / Mircea Florescu

In the end, Patriarch Daniel granted church orders, ranks and diplomas to those who were involved in the restoration works.

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Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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