‘Orthodoxy in Colours’: Photography exhibition juxtaposes Cyprus and Poland

A unique exhibition of over 200 pictures placed on 90 panels was opened on Friday evening, May 17, at the Cultural Centre of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation in Nicosia in an effort to bring together two European countries – Cyprus and Poland.

The exhibition is entitled ‘Colours of Orthodoxy. Cyprus-Poland’ and was organized by the famous OrthPhoto.net website dedicated to Orthodox Photography in collaboration with the Cyprus Photographic Society.

The Colours of Orthodoxy Exhibition was organized with the blessings of Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus and Metropolitan Sawa of Poland.

As stated by the head of OrthPhoto team, Aleksander Wasyluk, the exhibition aims at promoting authentic Orthodox life as captured by talented photographers, highlighting religious sights and monuments in Cyprus and Poland, as well as strengthening the ties between the two local Orthodox Churches.

‘We are happy about this exhibition because it conveys thousands of positive messages to all directions, especially in the difficult times that we live today,’ said the President of the Cyprus Photographic Society, Konstantinos Charalampous, in his opening remarks.

Bishop Christophoros of Karpasia, as delegate of the Archbishop of Cyprus, stressed that although ‘Orthodoxy does not mean colours,’ it can send ‘its message of hope, salvation, eternity through colours.’

‘Orthodoxy is life; it is the revelation of the uncreated grace in the human heart,’ the Bishop of Karpasia noted adding that the ‘Colours of Orthodoxy. Cyprus-Poland’ exhibition displays this life and experience of God’s grace in daily life.

‘What God wants from us is to honour our existence. What we do in the Church is to honour our existence,’ His Grace Bishop Christophoros said, while also thanking the organizers and partners of the event.

Before inviting those present to visit the exhibition, the organizers awarded the participants of a photo competition dedicated to the island of Cyprus. Polis Poliviou was among favourites.

The exhibits will be available for visiting until June 12, 2019.

In 2013, the OrthPhoto team displayed several pictures depicting the life of the Orthodox Church in Poland at the Patriarchate’s Palace in Bucharest.

The photo exhibition was visited by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.

Photography courtesy of Basilica.ro / Aurelian Iftimiu

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