On Sunday of the Paralytic, Lower Danube’s Archbishop shares agape meal with disabled people

The fourth Sunday after Easter, when the Church remembers the healing of the paralytic at the Sheep’s Pool in Jerusalem, was dedicated to the faithful with locomotor disabilities at the Cathedral of Galați.

Eighteen members of the “Sporting Club” Association for People with Disabilities in Galaţi prayed during the Divine Liturgy with His Eminence Archbishop Casian of Lower Danube.

“Every time we were invited to this celebration, dedicated to us, the Day of the Paralytic. On other occasions, we go to the parishes to which we each belong. Still, this holiday is special from an emotional and spiritual point of view,” said Vasile Cristea, Chairman of the “Sporting Club” Association.

After the service, the faithful with locomotor disabilities were invited by their archbishop to the Archdiocesan Residence’s Park, where they ate together Easter foods. Archbishop Casian talked to them and offered them various gifts.

Multiple Paralympic champion Mircea Marian Petria (30) joined the agape meal.

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“Without words!

Following the discussion with Mircea, the archbishop wrote a few words full of admiration on Facebook:

“The gospel has shown us, without reproach, a severe disease of immobility for 38 years. Since none of the people could help him, naturally, God, the Saviour, came. Look at Mircea; he is almost 30 years old! God has permitted a condition to him that we do not understand, of severe disability: he cannot use his hands.

Do you realize that we have never been grateful that we have both hands healthy? However, Mircea used his legs and won in this pandemic period, at a cross with young people from 57 countries, the second place, and now he goes to Poland for another big competition.

God is so generous and so kind-hearted! He shows us that some people standing still, run directly to God, and we lose ourselves while running in this world.

Let’s learn from the weakest and saddest! Mircea manages with his parents. Do you know what income he has? 300 RON per month! Do you know what he told me? I have no problem and no suffering. I’m afraid people don’t understand me.’

Without words! Christ is risen!” His Eminence Archbishop Casian wrote on Sunday evening on the official Facebook page of the Archdiocese.

Photography courtesy of the Lower Danube Archdiocese

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