National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Matei Balș” thanks Romanian Patriarchate for its material and spiritual support

Romania’s National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr Matei Balș” thanked all those who have shown their willingness to support the institute with donations in money, food, sanitary materials and protective equipment amid Covid-19 outbreak.

‘Thanks to the Romanian Patriarchate for the material and spiritual support,’ the Matei Balș Institute of Infectious Diseases in Bucharest noted in a communique published on its website.

“In this difficult period, such evidence of compassion and caring for our peers is vital and very helpful, both for the medical staff and especially the patients as direct beneficiaries.”

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, both the Bucharest Archdiocese and most of the Romanian Patriarchate’s dioceses participate in the fight against the spread of the disease first through prayer and spiritual counselling, but also by providing quarantine spaces, food for those in isolation, various support for hospitals depending on their needs.

The Romanian Patriarchate has been along the time a partner of medical institutions, collaborating as regards spiritual counselling, blood donation campaigns, but also offering concrete material help: donations of medical equipment, furniture, etc.

Photography: Facebook / Matei Balș Institute

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