Let us stop for a moment the rush that defines our life – Metropolitan Teofan

Mitropolitul Teofan despre perioada de Crăciun

At the end of the Christmas carol concert held in Iasi on Friday, Dec. 14, Metropolitan Teofan of Moldavia and Bukovina spoke about the way we should spend Christmas urging those present to stop for a moment the rush that defines our life.

The Metropolis of Moldavia and Bukovina organized a concert of Christmas carols at Palas Mall in Iasi, also marking Romania’s Great Union Centennial.

‘As the mall customers stopped for a moment to see these beautiful children singing carols,’ His Eminence said, ‘so must our Christmas season be.’

‘After a year of running, racing, rushing, we stop for a moment, admire something beautiful, offer a prayer, and next year we go on, until we again have moments like this, stopping the rush that defines our life,’ he said.

Metr. Teofan offering gifts to carol singers. ©Doxologia

Carols for the Centennial

Carols for the Centennial was the title of the traditional Christmas carol concertorganized by the Metropolis of Moldavia and Bukovina on Friday, December 14, 2018.

The choirs performing at the concert included groups from Chisinau, Iasi, Botosani, Neamt, Suceava, representing several regions of Moldavia.

Metropolitan Teofan also referred to the Union of the ‘torn’ Moldavia.

Metropolitan Teofan addressing those present at the 2018 Christmas carol concert in Iasi. ©Doxologia

“There have been children from Bukovina – the children of St Stephen the Great’s Putna – children from Bessarabia and many from here, on the right of the Prut River, remembering that Moldavia, unfortunately, is still torn apart, it is divided into several pieces and that wisdom is needed from our chiefs and much prayer from us so that it will not be too long for Moldavia to be unified again this time within Romania,” said the hierarch.

Hundreds of people attended the carol concert at Palas Mall in Iasi. ©Doxologia.

Photography courtesy of Doxologia

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