In pictures: Bucharest Archdiocese’s tailor shops produce polyester coveralls for volunteers

As soon as the state of emergency was instated, the Bucharest archdiocesan tailor shops, which usually produce priestly vestments and church objects, have started producing protection equipment for the Church volunteers who help the isolated during the pandemic.

The archdiocese’s Vending Service started making 6,500 reusable protection masks and over 500 cotton coveralls. Then, on May 4, the archdiocese’s tailoring and embroidery shops started producing 100% polyester coveralls.

This was possible “thanks to a benefactor’s donation and with the contribution of the archdiocese’s parishes”, declared for Trinitas TV Protosyncellus Joachim Bejenariu, Diocesan Counsellor at the Bucharest Archdiocese’s Vending Service.

Fr. Joachim added that the workshops had to design special patterns and rethink their whole technological process. For some of the production stages, the “Cassock” Tailor Shop and the “Altar” Embroidery Shop need to work together.

Vending Service workers sewing the coveralls. © / Raluca Ene

“This substantial help is a joy for the Bucharest Vending Service’s workers”, Protosyncellus Joachim Bejenariu said, mentioning that the new equipment will be used by the volunteers of the National Cathedral’s Chapel and those who help hospital patients or visit the elderly and the self-isolated.

The 100% polyester coveralls produced by the Bucharest Archdiocese’s Vending Service are first quality certified, waterproof and reusable.

The total value of the support measures taken by the Romanian Orthodox Church during the Covid-19 pandemic until May 4 has exceeded 3.5 million Euros.

Photo courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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