How many Orthodox bishops are in the world?

There are 941 canonical Orthodox bishops in the world, The Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas reports.

The figures were published by Matthew Namee who wrote that compared to the time of the First Ecumenical Council, there were a reported 1,800 bishops in the world — about 1,000 in the East and 800 in the West for a much smaller population of Christians.

Today there is an Orthodox bishop for every 236,000 Christians. That’s a big change from the time of Nicaea, when the ratio was somewhere between 5,000 and 20,000 to one.


The largest share of the world’s bishops, by far, belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate, at 40% — 377 bishops. Next is the Patriarchate of Constantinople at 14% (130 bishops) and the Church of Greece at 11% (100 bishops)

The Romanian Orthodox Church goes on fourth place with a share of 6% of the total number of bishops, followed by the Serbian Church at 5%.

The Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia has just five active bishops — the fewest of any autocephalous Church.

Photography courtesy of Basilica / Raluca Ene

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