Elder Sofian Boghiu prayerfully remembered on 19th anniversary of his repose

Monastics and faithful from across Bucharest gathered at St Anthimos Monastery, where Elder Sofian Boghiu lived, to pay tribute to the late Romanian Orthodox monk on the 19th anniversary of his blessed repose on Saturday.

“That’s how Father was: with patience, gentleness and humility,” hieromonk Antim recalled in a homily.

“This could be seen especially when he left the church on Sundays, when he walked to the cell even for an hour, due to the crowd of believers who stood in line to receive his blessing and a word of help.”

After the memorial service at St Anthimos Monastery, several monks and believers went to Căldărușani Monastery where Father Sofian is buried to offer additional prayers for his soul.

Elder Sofian Boghiu

Father Sofian was born on October 7, 1912, in Cuconeștii Vechi, Bălți County.

He became a novice at Rughi Monastery, Soroca County, in 1926.

He studied at the School of Church Chanters at Dobrușa Monastery, at the Monastic Seminary at Cernica Monastery (1932-1940), at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1940-1945) and at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest (1942-1946).

He was tonsured a monk at Dobrușa Monastery, receiving the name Sofian (1937). He was ordained a hierodeacon in 1939 and a hieromonk in 1945 for St Anthimos Monastery in Bucharest, which he led as abbot between 1950-1955, and in the last years of life.

He reposed in the Lord on September 14, 2002.

Photography courtesy of St Anthimos Monastery

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