Cluj Metropolitan meets Romania’s next ambassador to the United States of America

Metropolitan Andrei of Cluj met with the next Romanian Ambassador to the United States of America, Andrei Muraru, at the metropolitan residence in Cluj-Napoca, on June 25, 2021.

The Metropolitan congratulated Andrei Muraru and wished him success in the new diplomatic mission.

The two spoke about the support and mission of the Romanian Orthodox Church in preserving the Romanian identity and culture on the American continent.

Mr. Andrei Muraru highlighted how important is the involvement of the Church for the smooth running of society, both in the country and in the USA. At the same time, he appreciated the rich pastoral-missionary activity carried out by His Eminence Metropolitan Andrei in the Archdiocese of Cluj.

Andrei Muraru (b. 1982) is a graduate of the Faculty of History (2005), a graduate of the master’s program “Romanians and Europe” (2007) and holds a doctorate in history (2011).

He worked at the Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism and the Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER) since its establishment (2006). Andrei Muraru was appointed Presidential Adviser on December 22, 2014. He was appointed Ambassador of Romania to the United States at the end of February.

Photography courtesy of Cluj Metropolis

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