Cluj Metropolitan brings school-supply kits to 400 Roma children

Four hundred Roma children from Turda-Fabrici Parish received backpacks, school supplies, sweets and prayer books. The gifts were personally offered by Metropolitan Andrei of Cluj, who visited the parish in Turda on Thursday, Sept. 9.

The supplies were purchased by the Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac, and Cluj, with the support of the “Orthodox Philanthropy” Association in Cluj, the International Organization of Christian-Orthodox Charity and the Prison Fellowship Romania Foundation.

The philanthropic action took place in the courtyard of the church of the missionary parish for Romani people in the Turda-Fabrici area, pastored by priest Marin Trandafir Roz, currently the only Roma priest in the Archdiocese of Cluj.

The value of each backpack with supplies was about 25 Euros, the total amount summing up to 9700 Euros.

The Archdiocese of Cluj includes two missionary parishes for Roma: the missionary parish of Turda, founded in January 2019, pastored by Father Marin Trandafir Roz, and the missionary parish of Saint Moses the Black at Pata Rât, founded in 2015, pastored by the priest Gelu Petru Săvărășan.

The Roma communities benefit from a series of catechetical, educational and cultural activities carried out with the support of the Orthodox Social-Missionary-Cultural Association for Roma “Saint Moses the Black” and the Romanian Orthodox Christian Students Association in Cluj-Napoca.

Photography courtesy of the Metropolis of Cluj / Darius Echim

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