Canada’s Romanian Bishop: Enthusiasm of youth, harmonious thinking and pure joy are welcome in the Church and in society

The Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Canada published a message for this year’s International Youth Day noting that “the enthusiasm of youth, harmonious thinking and pure joy are justified and welcome in the Church and society.”

Bishop Ioan Casian expressed appreciation for the actions and initiatives of young people at the level of ROYA youth associations, parish schools, and the activities of the Department of Education. The bishop addressed several exhortations to the young people.

Bishop Ioan Casian’s message on 2022 International Youth Day: full text

Dear young people,

Since 1999, on August 12, we have been celebrating International Youth Day. On this day, we are urged to focus on the difficulties facing young people around the world.

Created by the United Nations (UN) to help raise awareness of youth issues, the day’s objective is to amplify the message about the need to act in favour of intergenerational solidarity.

This is a special moment in which we urge you to reflect very deeply on the pieces of advice and directions that the Church and the Holy Fathers put before you. 

You need to remember the need to get involved in society and the family by helping and taking care of your parents and grandparents, those who, together with the Church, are architects of Christian souls and characters.

It is also a special moment to celebrate your actions and initiatives as young people at the level of the youth association ROYA, parochial schools, and the activities of the Department of Education. 

United in prayer, we hope you feel that we all belong to a living and dynamic Church, becoming lights in the secularized world that surrounds us, keeping and giving pure and unconditional Christian love.

The teachings of the Church and the treasures of thought left by the Holy Fathers will help you overcome any difficulty that may seem impossible; it will show you that you are not alone or isolated but always guarded by Christ. 

Therefore, I urge you to love and feel close to Christ as a brother, friend and parent, and thus you will have the whole world close to you.

I urge you to cultivate and preserve the treasure of friendship with sincerity and fidelity, to reject and discourage any disregard for one’s neighbour, cultivate beauty, be noble in thought and plant light in all you undertake.

Be kind, generous, and wise and follow the image of friendship in Christ: You are my friends… I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. (John 15: 14-15).

In your relationships with parents and grandparents, be a comforting word and a helping hand. May your deeds and thoughts be humble. Be humble towards your parents, teachers and colleagues as the first martyr of humility Christ was. Have complete confidence in His help.

The enthusiasm of youth, harmonious thinking and pure joy are justified and welcome in the Church and society. Therefore, keep them alive and progress in them!

You keep alive the flame of the ancient Orthodox faith here in Canada. You are a blessing to the family, Church and society.

We pray to God to bless you all and make you chosen vessels of faith for the joy of the whole Orthodoxy.

May you be blessed in every good thing!

With fatherly blessings in Christ the Lord,

† Ioan Casian
Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Canada

Saint-Hubert, August 12, 2022

Photo: Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Canada

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