Bucharest parish discovers 19th-century icon of Theotokos during renovation works

The Protection of the Theotokos was celebrated for the first time as a patronal feast by St. John-Moși Parish in Bucharest this year. After a representation of the Virgin Mary as the Gorgoepikoos, or Quick to Hear, was found during restoration works at the church’s iconostasis, the church was placed under the Mother of God’s protection.

The icon, which is 1.1 by 1.2 metres, was painted on August 28, 1871.

Before restoration, the Blessed Virgin’s face was hardly recognisable. Parish priest Alexandru Mortici revealed that a revetment (metal cover) was used to safeguard the image.

The church has undergone substantial repair, reconsolidation, and decoration in the last ten years.

The Quick to Hear Icon of the Theotokos at  St John – Moși Parish in Bucharest

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