Bucharest Archdiocese builds home for family of priest who died at 34

Fr. Costin Silviu Dinică, who was only 34 years old, passed away in 2019 after a protracted struggle with illness, leaving behind his wife and two small children.

Last week, the family received a new home from the Bucharest Archdiocese. Clinceni city hall gave the property on which the house was erected.

In his six years as a priest, Fr. Dinică was able to completely rebuild a church that had been destroyed in a fire. He also built a social centre with a refectory and a multipurpose space for catechesis. He also made improvements to the local cemetery.

A prayer of thanksgiving was performed last Wednesday, blessing the house. His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel bestowed awards on everyone who contributed to the building of the house.

He was also involved in the charitable activity for the community.

On October 5, a memorial service for Fr. Dinică was also held with the family.

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