Blue Quarantine Story: Illustrations by Romanian artist show harsh reality of doctors during coronavirus outbreak

The Romanian artist Luminița Pătrățeanu created mindful illustrations that reflect on the world’s current situation and capture the harsh reality of doctors who sacrifice themselves to take care of people.

The illustrations went on display this week at the Municipal Emergency Hospital in Moinesti under the title ‘Blue Quarantine Story.’

The outdoor exhibition was opened by actor Radu Bogdan Ghelu in the presence of Mayor Valentin Vieru and Fr Costel Mares, dean of Moinesti.

“Health is a gift from God that each of us must cherish. What always heals is beauty and love. The beautiful person is the one who loves, and pure love is the love that sacrifices itself,” said the priest.

Credit: Jurnal Fm

“During this period we saw many things that touched us. We witnessed a sacrifice on the part of some of us, a crucifixion on the altar of love of neighbour. These paintings displayed here tell us about this sacrifice, about beauty, about love, about what it means to be HUMAN before God and people.”

Fr. Costel Mares congratulated the artist for her initiative and thanked the doctors ‘who in time and outside time, day and night watch over people’s health,’ dedicating their life to serving their peers and God.

The exhibition was organized under the patronage of the Moinești City Hall, the Moinești Municipal Emergency Hospital and the Moinești Deanery, in accordance with the sanitary laws imposed by the national state of alert.

All the works on display are donated to the Moinești Municipal Emergency Hospital and represent “a consolation to those who are going through illness and helplessness and to those who are healing hands stretched out here on earth by God.”

Photo source: Jurnal FM

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