Bishop Ambrozie urges students to apply time discipline and avoid excessive social media use

Bishop Ambrozie of Giurgiu tells the students to be responsible with their time in a message occasioned by the beginning of the new school year 2020-2021.

‘Not only educators have responsibility but also each of you because from an early age it is good to understand that you have a role in the world and that the world needs you in the various fields, sciences, arts and specializations you want to pursue.’

‘The world does not need mediocre or superficial people, on the contrary, worthy young people ready to take over the reins of the world when the time demands it.’

At a time when students cannot help to stay offline, the bishop drew their attention to the dangers of excessive use of social networks:

‘The first step that we urge you paternally to take is to achieve this goal is to apply time discipline, especially that time that you will not recover by losing it in activities that do not feed your mind, intellect and soul, but on the contrary throw you in the arms of superficiality promoted particularly by everything that means excessive use of social media or other online products, which instead of edifying, they destroy and occupy a space and time that should be devoted with predilection to education and self-learning.’

In his message for the start of the new school year, the bishop of Giurgiu addressed all those involved in the educational act. He reminded teachers that education is a vital element of a nation’s health status and that there is no more beautiful art than the art of education. He urged parents to teach young people in the family the principles of healthy and holy living since education is an ongoing process.

‘We all go through a period of deep trial that we are obliged to pass with hope in the Almighty and Merciful God, the Physician not only of our souls and bodies, but also of the minds that must receive the good and edifying teachings of people,” Bishop Ambrozie wrote.

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