Bishop Ambrozie: Saint Constantine Brâncoveanu is an example for the Christian family

‘Saint Constantine Brâncoveanu is an example for the Christian family,’ Bishop Ambrozie of Giurgiu stressed during his homily on the eve of the feast of the Holy Brancoveanu Martyrs.

The Holy Brancoveanu Martyrs and Saint Sophia Parish in Giurgiu was established in 2008.

Leading the Great Vespers on Thursday, August 15, 2019, His Grace Bishop Ambrozie noted that the witness of the Holy Ruler Prince of Wallachia ‘remains alive, strengthens our family, and strengthens ourselves in faith and love.’

“It seems like we are afraid of nothing. If we want to follow him, let us follow him in faith, follow his life and give glory to the Good God because He has given us such rulers of our country and our consciences,” said His Grace.

The congregation had the opportunity to venerate the icon of Saint Constantine Brancoveanu, which contains a particle of his holy relics.

Photography courtesy of the Giurgiu Diocese

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