Assistant Bishop Nichifor of Botosani wants to renew monastic vows through his ordination to the episcopate

Archimandrite Nichifor Horia was ordained to the episcopate and installed as assistant bishop to the Archdiocese of Iasi during the Divine Liturgy celebrated Sunday at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi.

The last episcopal ordination hosted by the Iasi cathedral took place thirty years ago. On March 25, 1991, the current Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti was ordained to the episcopate with the same title: Bishop of Botoșani.

Eight bishops from the Metropolis of Moldavia and Bukovina and the Metropolis of Bessarabia concelebrated at the service.

The new assistant bishop reflected “with humility and gratitude to the God of Mercies.”

“I receive this new ministry intending to renew my monastic vows through obedience made with confidence, joy and goodwill, using the experience I have gained through my service so far to the good governance of the spiritual harvest,” Bishop Nichifor of Botoșani said thanking all those who helped him and supported him to reach this dignity.

His election comes after living 25 years in the Monastery dedicated to the Three Holy Hierarchs in the centre of Iasi.

“Living in a monastery in the middle of the city I consider a work of divine providence, to the secret work of guiding and comforting the souls of believers who seek among the multitude of doors in the city the open gate of the church and especially the open gate of the spiritual father to hand him the restlessness of the soul, the fears and worries and to find the narrow but true way to the fulfilment of the word of God,” His Grace said March 7.

The new assistant bishop addressed the clergy of the Archdiocese, telling them that “we will be together especially in the service of the Divine Liturgy to share the joys and sorrows, keeping the canon of the Holy Gospel which we are obliged to preach and fulfil.”

His Grace thanked the faithful for their presence and asked them to remember him in prayer.

Assistant Bishop Nichifor of Botoșani censing during the Divine Liturgy. Photo: Doxologia / Oana Nechifor

It will not be easy for you

Metropolitan Teofan of Moldavia and Bukovina warned the new hierarch that he would face many difficulties.

Referring to the Gospel passage read during the Divine Liturgy, His Eminence Metropolitan Teofan emphasized that “The hungry of this world are, should be, the pain of the bishop’s heart. The thirsty of the world are, should be, the restless turmoil of the bishop’s mind. Strangers and the nacked, the sick and those in prison occupy, should occupy, the entire content of the heart, mind and soul of the bishop.”

“It will not be easy for you. The difficulties that we, the present bishops, have been facing for many years will be present in the cross of Your Grace’s life. Yes, you will have many joys in the hierarchical service. At the same time, waves and winds, lightning and thunder will come upon Your Grace.”

“In a bishop’s service, you will often be faced with difficult decisions. You will then feel what it means to be crucified. I have the confidence, knowing you for a long time – and I express, at the same time, my hope – that you will make decisions, not following the spirit of the world, of the correctness of different kinds, but in the spirit of “Christ’s mind,” the Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina stressed.

Metropolitan Teofan leads Assistant Bishop Nichifor of Botoșani to the bishop’s throne. Photo: Doxologia / Oana Nechifor

Photography courtesy of Doxologia

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