Archdiocese of Timișoara spends 900,000 € on philanthropic projects in 2020

The Archdiocese of Timișoara, in Western Romania, spent 900,000 € on philanthropic projects last year, according to an announcement on its official website.

The beneficiaries were socially-vulnerable persons and institutions with financial difficulties.

“In spite of all the financial difficulties,” the diocese said in a statement, “support activities have been intensified by the Diocesan Center and our church units, with donations to hospitals, schools, settlements for children and the elderly, sick and lonely believers, families with many children, medical and protective equipment, medical devices, food and clothing, tablets, kilometers of linen and other items of strict necessity.”

The activity report was presented at the eparchial headquarters on January 23, during the diocesan assembly presided by Metropolitan Ioan of Banat.

The assembly was preceded by a Te Deum service officiated in the “Lord’s Resurrection” Metropolitan Chapel of Timișoara and concluded after approving the activity plan for 2021, Solemn Year of the pastoral care of Romanians outside Romania and Commemorative Year of the reposed in the Lord; the liturgical and cultural value of cemeteries.

The Archdiocese invested the same amount in philanthropic services in 2018. The Archdiocese has also been known to donate houses to needy families.

Foto credit: Arhiepiscopia Timişoarei

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