Archbishop Casian: “The Church’s young people are the apostles of our deliverance from loneliness”

Last week, Archbishop Casian of Lower Danube opened the meeting of the National Council of the Romanian Orthodox Christian Students Association (ASCOR) at Lacu Sărat, Brăila county.

After meeting with young people, the archbishop posted a message on Facebook noting that “the young people of the Church are the apostles of our deliverance from loneliness.”

“Today’s moving meeting brought before our eyes the young people of 30 years ago, who filled the classrooms thirsting for the concrete love of the Saviour. What wonderful young people we have! They are the young people of the Church, your children, the promoters and apostles of love for the elderly and lonely young people. They are the apostles of our deliverance from loneliness,” Archbishop Casian wrote.

Photo: Archdiocese of Lower Danube

“Moreover, let us not weaken our prayer so that we may not be estranged either from God or another. Christ is risen!” the hierarch concluded.

The works of the ASCOR National Council took place under the title “Youth. Enthusiasm. Continuity. Communion” and brought together representatives of the 17 ASCOR branches in Romania at the social-philanthropic settlement of St. Panteleimon at Lacu Sărat, Braila county.

Photo: Archdiocese of Lower Danube

Photo: Facebook / Archdiocese of Lower Danube

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