American convert Rod Dreher launched his most recent book in Bucharest, Romania

Romanian publisher Contra Mundum launched on Saturday the Romanian version of Rod Dreher’s most recent book, “Live Not By Lies”, in the presence of its author, an American convert to Orthodoxy.

The event was held in the courtyard of Bucharest’s “New Merchants'” Church, where the author presented his book and answered questions from the public.

The host of the event was Father Gheorghe Holbea, a professor at “Patriarch Justinian” Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Bucharest.

Fr. Holbea wrote the Foreword to the book. What attracted him most to Rod Dreher’s book was the author’s interest in the martyrs of the Romanian communist prisons, he confessed.

Rod Dreher spoke of a new “soft totalitarianism” that ideologically dominates many walks of life and makes people censor themselves for fear of consequences.

The book presents the stories of people who lived the totalitarian experience under communism and compares their experience with certain contexts that are raising problems of conscience for today’s Christians.

The author suggests solutions to keep one’s freedom of conscience: saying the truth and building communities of trust and mutual support.

The writer elaborated on the latter solution in his 2017 bestseller “The Benedict Option”.

Rod Dreher was born in Louisiana, is married and has three teenage children. He converted to Orthodoxy in 2006. The book “Live Not By Lies” is his most recent title.

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