90,000 Orthodox Catechisms distributed in Hunedoara. Bishop Gurie’s soul project to continue in 2020

Each Orthodox family from Hunedoara County has received a Catechism on the Orthodox Faith free of charge from the local Bishop Gurie as part of his ‘soul project’ titled ‘Let us know our faith.’

More than 90% of the 90,000 copies of the Catechism were distributed, said Fr. Gabriel Miricescu, spokesperson of the Diocese of Deva and Hunedoara.

Each copy has a personalized dedication to the family, written by hand, and is signed by the Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara. A letter is attached to the catechism “explaining to the believers the reason why they receive this book,” Father Gabriel Miricescu added.

“Every day, His Grace finds his time to lean on every copy of this book, personally signing the dedication to the Christian families of Hunedoara as well as the attached letter.”

Teaching of Orthodox Christian Faith, published in Bucharest in 2019.

Through the project “Let us know our faith!” which started in 2017, His Grace Bishop Gurie wanted the Hunedorenians to be able to deepen their knowledge of the Orthodox faith.

Second phase: The New Testament with the Psalms

The distribution of Catechisms was a first stage of the project. In the second stage, the hierarch wants to offer a New Testament with the Psalms to each family in the diocese.

“The second phase will start in 2020,” said the spokesman of the Diocese of Deva.

The distribution of books is made by the parishes. Every parish priest draws up a list of all the families in the parish. The lists are transmitted and centralized to the Diocesan Centre.

The books offered are published at the Biblical and Orthodox Mission Institute and can be purchased from the Church Bookstore.

Similar project in a parish in Neamț

A similar project was carried out in 2017 by Father Gabriel Adrian Andrei, from the Poienița Parish, Neamț County.

The action entitled “No house without an Orthodox Catechism” was featured in an article in the Ziarul de Roman newspaper.

Photography courtesy of the Deva & Hunedoara Diocese

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