30-year-old Romanian priest receives Award of Excellence for his youth ministry

Priest Vlad-Sergiu Sandu from Firiteaz Parish was presented with the Arad County Council’s Award of Excellence at the first edition of the Arad Administration Gala on Saturday.

Several personalities received awards and distinctions as a sign of appreciation for the development of Arad County through projects that generate growth and well-being.

The award comes in recognition of the efforts of the 30-year-old priest in youth ministry. He built a Youth Centre entitled “Joy in Orthodoxy” at Firiteaz Parish to provide a space where young people and children from the locality and the surroundings may enjoy various activities in a beautiful and modern setting.

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The award was presented by Iustin Cionca, President of the Arad County Council.

“I believe that God finds people whom He invests with grace and helps them to carry out their mission. They are rare, but they make a difference! One such man is the young priest from Firiteaz, Vlad-Sergiu Sandu, who managed to do in Arad County what exists in few places in Romania.”

“The recipe for success was faith, passion, the support of the Church, love for others and trust in people. This is how he built, in seven months, a Youth Centre, where young people can carry out different activities and discover what Joy in Orthodoxy means,” the President of the Arad County Council said.

“I am proud of Father Vlad-Sergiu Sandu, and I congratulate him sincerely because he is a man who strived to create values in his community!” These were the words of Mr Iustin Cionca, according to the Archdiocese of Arad.

“I prayed a lot for this project,” father Vlad noted, confessing that he has always imagined a space where children and young people who have more to spend time with those who have less, being convinced that both have a lot to learn from this time together.”

Photography source: Facebook / Centrul de tineret „Bucurie în Ortodoxie” – Parohia Ortodoxă Firiteaz

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