30 Quotes from Patriarch Daniel on Prayer

Without prayer, there is no Church and no Christian life, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel emphasized on the first day of 2022, a year when the Romanian Patriarchate pays homage to prayer in the Church’s life and the Christian’s life. “When we lose the joy and peace of the soul, it is a sure sign that we no longer pray properly or as much as we should,” His Beatitude cautioned.

We offer you a selection of 30 quotes from Patriarch Daniel about prayer:

  1. “Humble prayer is the foundation of man’s life and spiritual growth.”

  2. “Through prayer, by the grace of God, the human heart can be changed so that from a vengeful heart it can become a forgiving heart.”

  3. “When we are in a state of prayer united with fasting, we are more directly connected to God than to any other material thing in this world.”

  4. “If we insist on entreating Christ in prayer, saying, ‘Lord, save us!’ Lord, deliver us!” then He comes to us in the soul and helps us, enlightens us and strengthens us.”

  5. “The prayer that elevates us is the prayer of humility, and the prayer that prevents us from drawing close to God and harms us spiritually is the prayer of pride.”

  6. “Humble prayer is saving and sanctifying, for it fills us with the presence of the merciful God.”

  7. “Through humble prayer before God, man opens himself, renounces his selfish self, and his soul receives the grace of the merciful God.”

  8. “Only humble prayer heals the soul from the wounds of sin and pride, cultivating spiritual watchfulness so as not to fall into self-satisfaction as spiritual laziness and weakening in the love of God and our neighbour.”

  9. “Humble prayer before the Holy and Good God is a kind of mirror that shows us that what we have done well is very little as compared to the good we need to do in our lives to be like God in holiness and kindness.”

  10. “Humble prayer enlightens and enlarges the human soul to receive the grace of God and to love others.”

  11. “True prayer is a source of joy and spiritual strength.”

  12. “In a hectic world, with our eyes on the clock, the agenda, or the computer, a shorter prayer said frequently can become a spiritual breath of the soul, a source of peace and love for God and our fellows.”

  13. “The saints always intercede for us – the saints in the icons – and they call us to prayer. When we pray inside a painted Orthodox church, we feel that we are not praying alone, but praying with the saints.”

  14. “When a person does not eat or drink anything during the day but only prays, their prayer becomes humbler and at the same time more fervent, because it is a prayer for forgiveness of sins.”

  15. “Humble prayer is also a source of humble love: He who prays with humble prayer is filled with the grace of God’s merciful and humble love and prays for all people: for those near and those far away.”

  16. “Not every prayer is received by God, but only meek prayer offered with humility.”

  17. “If we entreat the Lord Jesus in prayer, saying, ‘Lord, save us!’ God, save us! then He comes to us and helps us.”

  18. “Only when we learn to pray and work not only for ourselves but for the health and salvation of others can we say that we have a healthy culture of the Christian soul, that is, the Christian soul is merciful, humble, and helpful.”

  19. “Prayer is not only the work of man who addresses God, but also the secret work of God’s grace in the soul of one who is in communion with God.”

  20. “Prayer united with fasting is a powerful spiritual weapon in the fight against selfish passions and temptations from unclean spirits.”

  21. About the Jesus Prayer: “This is a prayer from the depth of the heart, especially when man feels that no other person can help him, but only the Most Merciful God Almighty.”

  22. “The grace of the Lord is obtained through humble prayer, struggle, and much patience.”

  23. “We must pray that we may keep and profess the true Christian faith together. Through communion in prayer and deed, Christians show the holy unity of the Church.”

  24. “The basic step for the spiritual ascent to the resurrection is humble prayer.”

  25. “Man becomes free when he can love God in prayer and his neighbour by good deeds.”

  26. “The time of our life is sanctified by prayer and good deeds.”

  27. “Prayer brings a rhythm to believer’s life and spiritual growth as a spiritual clock.”

  28. “Prayer helps us to face the difficulties of life and to taste in this world the light and joy of the resurrection and eternal life.”

  29. “All the good works of Christians and all the pure thoughts are the fruits of their prayers and those who pray for them.”

  30. “Nothing can replace prayer, and no activity is more precious than prayer, for prayer gives us inspiration and strength to speak the good word and to do good.”

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