18 churches will be restored in the Diocese of Banat

The archdiocese of Timişoara, together with the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the same city, undertook the restoration of 18 churches located in Banat, the majority of which are considered cultural heritage monuments.

The presentation of the project took place at the diocesan center of Timişoara at the beginning of last week, in the presence of Metropolitan John of Banat, University Professor Viorel Şerban, Rector of the Polytechnic School of Timişoara, Professor Marius Moşoarcă, Pro-Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Timişoara, as well as students involved in the project.

The metropolitan of Banat spoke to those present about the importance of the project for the churches of the diocese, many of which being part of the cultural heritage. He also highlighted that he appreciated the love and zeal of the students to save these places of worship. These decisions are part of initiatives taken by the Archdiocese of Timisoara to preserve the ecclesiastical heritage in Banat.

Throughout the years, interdisciplinary workshops have been organized, focusing on church and sacred place from several perspectives: traditional photogrammetric surveying and description of each wooden element of the church, archival studies, study of facings and layers of paintings, biological and structural expertise, dendrochronological analysis, etc.

Among others, the churches of Belinţ, Pesac, Cerneteaz, Bazoşul Vechi, Duboz, Foeni, Mănăstirea Partoş, Gaiu Mic, Chizătău, and Murani were photographed, filed and analyzed. Damages and deteriorations are caused by the infiltration of capillary waters, by biological elements, or other environmental factors.

The teachers and students involved in the project proposed several revisable restoration methods in accordance with the Venice Charter.

The project of diagnosis of degradations and the proposal of methods of restoration of places of worship are being carried out by the department of methods and techniques of restoration of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. They will be finalized in partnership with the Archdiocese of Timisoara.

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Photo Credit: Diocese of Banat

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