15 Patriarch Daniel Quotes to Inspire Pilgrims

15 Patriarch Daniel Quotes to Inspire Pilgrims
  1. Pilgrimage is a witness to our spiritual progress towards the Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. Being united with Christ through prayer, chanting and pilgrimage, we become partakers of Christ’s triumph over sin and death.
  3. Pilgrimage is a witness to the faith in the universal resurrection that will take place at the end of time.
  4. Pilgrims encounter God, the One Who called them to make their pilgrimage since pilgrimage is our answer to the mystic calling of God.
  5. Pilgrimage means to pursue holiness, which has its source in God, the only holy One, and is not rooted in this world.
  6. When a man decides to go and meet the saints, to kiss their icons and relics, God had already called to him this act mystically. And when he starts moving and visits the places where the saints lived or where their relics are sheltered, he encounters God Himself.
  7. Pilgrimage is a holy journey.
  8. People go on pilgrimages to know and observe holy places, to meet other pilgrims who desire to spiritualize their life. Many people who go on a pilgrimage because they wait for God’s help.
  9. On a pilgrimage we find not only what the place has to offer: a holy church, holy relics and divine services, but also what pilgrims bring together with them namely their piety, peace, patience, discretion, kindness, their way of being and their way of meeting God and fellow men in the Church of Christ and His Saints.
  10. Pilgrimage converts material expenditure into spiritual profit and transforms an individual initiative into community joy.
  11. Pilgrims are friends of our Saviour Jesus Christ who have loved and witnessed to the Holy One throughout the centuries.
  12. By going on pilgrimage we give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ Who sacrificed Himself for the entire humankind.
  13. Pilgrimage bears in itself an incentive to pursue holiness and to pray.
  14. Pilgrims learn in a miraculous way that any action and every moment of life can be offered to God, Who sanctifies our gifts.
  15. Pilgrimage is a school of faith.

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