10 Famous Quotes from His Eminence Archbishop Justinian Chira

Ten famous quotes from Archbishop Justinian Chira

1. Prayer has the grace to make the eternal fountain of joy sprinkle our soul. The soul from which springs no voice of prayer unto Heaven is like a deserted house, full of cobweb, inhabited by the birds of darkness alone. A soul that does not know how to pray will never know what happiness is, even when owning all the riches of the earth. True prayer is holy labour.

2. When you are distressed, when you are upset, when in temptations, be untroubled. Go to your brother and talk to him: “How are you, brother?” Do not tell him you came because you are very troubled. Discuss trivialities. Sadness may scatter and you may receive strength from his strength.

3. We must preserve and cultivate our longing for God, our longing for the Mother of God, our longing for Saints. Let us seek to cancel the barriers that cool us off spiritually, that harden our hearts, those that make us forget about God.

4. When man succeeds to love, in the true sense of the word, he becomes deified; he becomes godlike.

5. By patience, you get to love your brother, to forget him, to respect him, to see him better than yourself, to see him even more beautiful than yourself, or more hardworking. By patience, you see all these. Only then, you start to ascend.

6. The most powerful prayer is the remembrance of the name of Jesus Christ. By patience and practice, the Jesus Prayer becomes a part of our lives, like the air we are breathing.

7. When Jesus is truly known and obeyed, then peace prevails in our soul, our family, our country and in the world.

8. Man, abusing the freedom that he received from God, fell from his first state, from being a master, and became a servant, a servant of instincts; everything inside him darkened, and together with his fall, all creation was troubled.

9. Stress is formed from exaggerated concern. From concern, and concern only. Every evil comes from this exaggerated concern…

10. I will stand by the gate of Heaven and wait for all of you to arrive there!

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