VIDEO. Patriarch Justinian is a luminous model of ministry in Christ’s Church, Patriarch Daniel says

Patriarch Daniel, memorial service for Patriarch Justinian

Patriarch Justinian Marina was commemorated at Radu Voda Monastery in Bucharest, on his 40th death anniversary.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel prayed for the rest of the soul of the worthy of remembrance Patriarch Justinian, who pastored the Romanian Orthodox Church for almost three decades, during a troublesome period in the life of Romanian Orthodoxy.

Justinian’s patriarchate coincided with the fierce persecutions of the Church under the atheistic regime of communism.

He tried with much courage, balance, diplomacy and tenacity to defend the Church from systematic blows of the political power, choosing the path of a powerful resistance sometimes disguised under a speech “favourable” to communist leaders. He opposed seriously to the abuse and interference of the state party in the life of the Church and to its attempts to turn the Church into a powerless institution, Patriarch Daniel said referring to his predecessor.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel addressed the faithful present Saturday at Radu Voda Monastery, where Patriarch Justinian Marina was laid to rest.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel officiated a Memorial Service for the rest of the soul of the third Patriarch of Romania, Justinian Marina. His Grace Timotei of Prahova, Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Bucharest, celebrated the Divine Liturgy prior to the memorial service.

We express our gratitude to the memory of this worthy Archpastor of Romanian Orthodoxy, who loved Christ’s Church with limitless love and succeeded with wisdom and sacrifice to defend, to keep and to pass on the eternal values of our ancestral faith, Patriarch Daniel said.

In his speech, Patriarch Daniel focused on the sacrificial life of Patriarch Justinian and recalled his virtues and efforts that turned him into a model to be followed by all the ministrants of Christ’s Church.

For us today, hierarchs, clergy and faithful, his pastoral, missionary, spiritual, cultural and social activities for the profit of the Romanian Orthodox Church represent a luminous and inspiring model of fidelity and service to our Saviour Jesus Christ and His Church, the Patriarch added.

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According to his wish, Patriarch Justinian Marina was buried in the major church of Radu Voda Monastery.

The third Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church was born on 22 February 1901, in Suești, Vâlcea County. He studied at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest and then ministered as a parish priest.

He became a widow and in 1945 he was consecrated Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Iași. Two years later, he was elected Archbishop of Iași and Metropolitan of Moldova and Suceava. On 6 June 1948, took place his enthronement as Archbishop of Bucharest, Metropolitan of Wallachia and Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Justinian passed away to the Lord on 26 March 1977.

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