Untold Festival founder’s unspeakable quest stopped at Orthodoxy: It taught me to be myself

Sorin Gadola, the former financier of the major Untold Festival in Cluj, revealed in an event organized by the Archdiocese of Tomis the searches he went through in his troubled youth until he realized that Orthodoxy is the way.

At the age of 21, he became ill and found no answer in classical medicine.

“At about 27 I started meditating, doing yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, shamanism, bioenergy, holotropic breathing,” said Sorin Gadola, explaining that all these techniques did help him after 7-8 years of practice.

At the age of 28, he had big projects for which he was very well known, but he still felt “broken, darkened”.

When he began to approach Orthodoxy, things suddenly began to change, projects were getting better, and his health was beginning to recover, thanks to “an integrative concept of medicine.”

His wife, Diana accompanied Sorin Gadola in the rediscovery of Orthodoxy. The two evoked their feelings and the way they were guided by several spiritual fathers. Diana confessed that when there are no more possible human solutions, prayer brought salvation.

“Now we have learned to be more patient. I hope we will stick to it. Anyway, we argue, rest assured, we are by no means the perfect couple, but we have learned to keep quiet, to leave the self for the other and, for better or worse, we move forward,” Diana Gadola said.

“Orthodoxy taught me to be myself. How I am, with good and with bad things,” was the conclusion of the confessions made by the founder of Untold Festival.

The conference took place on Friday, July 16, at the “Dorna” Restaurant in Mamaia and was entitled “Return to Christ”.

Photo: Archdiocese of Tomis

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