Transylvania Metropolitan meets with Israel’s Ambassador to Romania

His Eminence Metropolitan Laurenţiu of Transylvania received His Excellency Reuven Azar, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Romania, at the metropolitan residence in Sibiu on Saturday, November 5.

The diplomat acknowledged his pleasure and honour at visiting the Metropolis of Transylvania, stressing that Romania is one of Israel’s most popular tourist destinations.

Metropolitan Laurenţiu complimented the ambassador’s extensive diplomatic work, highlighting the excellent connections between the Metropolis of Transylvania and Israel. The pilgrimages organised in the Holy Land served as an excellent illustration.

The Israeli ambassador was deeply impressed by the intensity of religious faith in Romania compared to other European countries.

Metropolitan Laurenţiu noted that the religiosity of the Romanian people is due to the preservation of the traditions of faith and the historical identity displayed during the decades of persecution of Christians in Transylvania, as well as the stoicism demonstrated during the life of Saint Andrew Șaguna, Metropolitan of Transylvania.

His Eminence described the existing structure of the Metropolis of Transylvania and the significance of sustaining the values instilled in the Orthodox community by Saint Andrew Șaguna.

Ambassador Reuven Azar outlined the many methods for encouraging Romanian Christians to travel to Israel and asked the Metropolitan of Transylvania to conduct a pilgrimage there.

Metropolitan Laurenţiu concluded the meeting by wishing the Israeli envoy a fruitful diplomatic mission in Bucharest and assuring him of his openness to future encounters.

Photography courtesy of the Metropolis of Transylvania

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